List of New Spring Fashion Trends

Spring fashion trends change every year so that shoppers will have something new and exciting to wear every year. These trends range from tuxedos to disco to safari wear with only a common escapist thread linking the different spring fashion trends of different countries.

Spring fashion trends are more colorful and imaginative

The spring of 2008 heralds cheerful and bright colors which are a livelier alternative to the old gothic obsession of black fashion wear. Those who are into fashion will deck themselves in eye-popping colors like vermilion, verdant green, hibiscus red and cobalt blue, and they will become the center of attraction wherever they go.

This year, spring fashion trends feature flower themes. On the catwalk, you will find that models are practically walking bouquets of roses, pansies and peonies. Designers have gone wild with inspiration with their display of vibrant pictures and blurred motifs used in their designs. And if you don’t actually like large and graphic floral prints, you can always follow the flowery trend with summer dresses and silky scarves that feature mid-sized prints.

Another interesting spring fashion trend is fairies and wood nymphs with imprinted designs of ethereal creatures, as well as details of foliage, feathers and flowers added to airy dresses. This trend translates an imaginary realm into a visible world of enchanting beauty.

Bring out the goddess in you with Greco-Roman fashion wear

If you want something a little revealing, you can try out the latest transparent spring fashion trend. With this trend, you will find women wearing designs imprinted on translucent textiles so that the body is revealed with both subtlety and taste. And to create a nude-to-neutral palette, you have sorbet hues and washed-out tones to accentuate this filmy fabric.

In a bid to bring something historic and interesting to the fashion world, fashion designers have introduced the Greco-Roman goddess dress as the latest spring fashion trend. Such a dress has intricate pleating with creative twists and folds of fabric that is used to create incarnations of toga-style goddess gowns, gladiator skirts, and believe it or not, harem pants too.

Why not go out in your underwear this spring?

The latest pajama fashion has revealed lingerie-like pieces which create a niche between a dreamland and sensible wardrobe. This trend was created by fashioners who wish to make outerwear from women’s underwear like naughty nighties, gossamer slips, silky robes, bras and panties. This spring fashion trend certainly looks great on the catwalk, and you can make it look more interesting with boudoir details like boning, lace, bows and ribbons.

Metal is not only a thing of jewelries, but also in 2008’s spring fashion trends. In addition to the trendy silver, gold, bronze and copper sequin covered dresses of yesteryear, designers have come up with new pieces that feature high-tech plastic fabrics, foil-like lame and glossy satins.
Going global is the latest in fashion trends

Boyfriend dressing is an interesting new spring fashion trend of 2008. This trend offers gender bending designs in women’s fashion, with strong emphasis on the male suit. Designers have designed tuxedo style suits, boyfriend blazers, tailored vests and smart trousers for the rebellious chicks. These also come with accessories like bow ties, cummerbunds and boutonnieres. If you want something softer, you can always try the bow tie blouse and tie-top dress.

And if you are into something global, try out the safari range of spring fashion trends which include leopard prints, khaki, African field jackets, and chunky tribal jewelry. So try hopping into this spring fashion trend and add an interesting safari suit with an animal print accessory to your summer wardrobe.

With so much to choose from for your spring wardrobe, you will surely find something that you truly desire.

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Top 4 Spring Fashion Trends For 2010

Are you making it an effort to be fashion forward this year? Then it’s about time that you start looking what the hottest fashion trends for spring will be. This year, expect to bare a lot of skin so make sure you prepare your with lots of exercise and cutting back on midnight snacking. Here are just a few of the key spring fashion trends that will dominate in 2010.

1. Let’s talk sports

Since more and more people are becoming more health conscious the past years, many designers are starting to inject a little bit of sportiness into their designs for 2010. Think cropped tops and tennis inspired skirts. But definitely no to tracksuits. It will be years before they become acceptable again.

2. Steal something from your boyfriend’s wardrobe

If in 2009 you started borrowing your boyfriend’s jeans, this year you’ll be rummaging around his closet for a blazer. If you want to turn a boring outfit into a snazzy fashionable hit, wear one and you’ll feel like you’ve just stepped out of the latest fashion magazine. Just make sure to roll up the sleeves of an oversized blazer to show off your feminine wrists.

3. Go sheer

Just because you’ll be borrowing a few essentials from your boyfriend this year doesn’t mean that you can lose that femininity in you. This spring, stock up on pretty blouses and dresses that are made of delicate fabric such as lace and chiffon. Don’t forget to layer it over something simple like a cotton tank top to add just a hint of elegance to your casual day.

4. Be sexy

Since shorts was considered to be one of the hottest spring fashion trends last year, expect to see lots of them come spring 2010. Whether you prefer them tailored or in your favorite denim shade, make sure you prepare your legs ASAP as the shorts are bound to get even shorter this year, if you feel you can’t go bare, then rock this trend by wearing sheer tights underneath.

So what are you waiting for? Now that you know what the essentials are, start updating your wardrobe with the latest fashion trends for spring 2010.

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Finding Wearable Spring Fashion Trends

Finding wearable spring fashion trends is one of the most complicated shopping experiences most ladies have got to endure. Unlike, say, Autumn, you will find no spring fashion trends which are designed to hide that tiny additional layer of winter warmth you’ve got stored in your belly, hips, thighs and rear. Unlike Winter, you can find no coats or layers with regards to spring fashion trends. No clothing to wear to cover up what you deem to be your least attractive assets.

That said, at least 2010’s spring fashion trends will have a somewhat familiar vibe to them. Probably the most well-known colors are yellow, turquoise and a thing known as “tomato puree”, which most normal individuals would merely call “red.” There’s nothing as well crazy like animal prints or indigos or points that most females can’t, or won’t, wear. Possibly it really is a sign on the times – with the economy being what it’s, most folks just desire to simplify and go with what they know. Or maybe it really is a sign that the “haves” aren’t as crazy about flaunting it as the “have-nots”, so there’s a slight tendency to inch back for the middle rather than go out on a limb and be daring.

Either way, this year’s spring fashion trends is going to be familiar towards the amateur eye. Of course white is constantly the preferred color of spring, but this year yellow is also making a strong statement.

And even far more familiar are going to be the return of your 1990s favorite: Ripped jeans! You most likely thought they would in no way return, but indeed they have. Go on the streets of SoHo or the West End, and you’ll see a plethora from the beautiful folk, the trendsetters, sporting their ripped jeans just like TLC by no means broke up. You might must fight the same battles a previous generation fault – after all, there’s a great chance you folks won’t like them, or that your grandparents will tell you you appear like a hobo – but with regards to spring fashion trends, 1 day you’re in, and also the next you’re out. And no matter what your family says or does, it is as well late to put the finger within the dike: Ripped jeans are back.

For most girls this is often a true blessing since females of any shape or size can make ripped jeans work. You do not have got to starve yourself, and you do not have got to expect to glimpse like a model from Vogue or Victoria’s Secret. It is not just for stick figures only, in other words.

The return of ripped jeans follows inside general spring fashion trends of return to a far more comfortable appear. Skinny jeans, for example, are out. It is possible to relax in some thing that fits a small much better, and avoid anything that looks like it may be from some future dystopic military surplus store.

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Spring Fashion in Bloom

Doesn’t everybody love spring? That time of the year when trees regain their colors and flowers bloom while the birds are chirping in the cool and perfect weather. Spring is also a time for cleaning up which means it is time to do a little spring cleaning for your closet as well. Put away those winter wears with heavy fabrics and make room for the light and colorful fabrics of spring fashion.

First thing everyone has to know about spring fashion is that you have to dress according to the weather. Why suffer wearing something for winter when it’s spring? You would look like a laughing stock rather than a fashionable person.

Here are some key pieces that every woman should own for the ultimate spring fashion:

Spring fashion is all about exaggerated prints, bright colors and tons of accessories. Tired of hiding your legs all winter long? Then a bright midi dress is just the thing for you. Not only is it light, it is also very comfortable as you stroll along the streets enjoying the spring breeze. Heads might also turn for you along the way.

Spring also means it is season for the fedora hats. Fedora hats are cute spring fashion accessories but it takes confidence to wear them. Pairing them with sonnies and tees will give you the perfect look.

During the cooler times of spring, colorful blazers are a must. Although the temperatures are slowly going higher, the spring breeze can still be quite nippy and require outfits with more coverage. Stock up with cardigans too which are perfect to pair with dresses.

Tank tops with prints are also in for spring fashion. During the cooler days of spring, you can wear them under blazers or cardigans. When the temperature rises, it is time to strip down to your tank. Make sure to choose tank tops made with light weight fabrics.

Spring fashion is also about skirts. Take out those skirts and start flaunting your legs during spring. Skirts with floral or any kind of prints are a must during the spring. Midi skirts below the knee are must have too if the weather is still kind of cool.

Accessorizing can be pretty fashionable during spring. Why settle for just one accessory when you can wear many at the same time? Just make sure you do not over do it.

This season’s must have bags are light and fun at the same time functional. The long cross body bags are great spring fashion finds that are very easy to carry and are perfect for the playful spring. They may look small, but with expert “packing skills,” your essentials will fit into this bag. Choose brighter colors for a more youthful look.

Don’t forget about the shoes. Ditch those boots and move to fun flats. Ballet flats are in this spring while espadrilles are so last year. Sport flats this season for a fun and comfy look.

Comfortable while fun clothes are something to look forward to during spring because spring fashion is all about being free and flaunting some skin after the long agonizing winter wherein people wear heavy and dull clothes. Comfort and color is the main goal.

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Affordable Spring Fashions

Today more and more women are looking for affordable trendy spring fashions. As most of us are now paying attention to every cent that we spend we’re having to look harder at our fashion budgets. I know that I am. I still buy fashion magazines so that I can keep up with the latest fashions, but I’m only looking at them. I can’t afford $300 shoes anymore or a $450 handbag.

What I’m looking for are fashion trends that I can take to stores like Target, TJ Maxx, Kohl’s, Sears and J.C. Penney. I no longer can afford to shop at Nordstrom, but I don’t have to look like it. Some of the spring fashion trends are very easy to find in more affordable stores. One of my very favorite spring fashion trends is safari. What I really enjoy about this look is that khaki shirts go really well with jeans and khaki pants can be dressed up with a nice shirt and jacket and are perfect for work. I saw a Michael Kors safari inspired top and belt that cost $170. I was able to find the perfect khaki shirt in Sears, and a canvas and leather safari inspired belt in TJ Maxx. It cost me under $45 for both.

Another spring fashion trend is metallic. Here’s a great idea for you. Some of your safari fabrics can match beautifully with metallics. Don’t forget to check out sites like J. Crew. I found a fantastic metallic shirt there for under $80. It’s a cotton shirt with metallic threads. It’s comfortable and will be long wearing. It’s also just a hint of glamor that also works well into my work wardrobe.

When I think spring fashion I usually think pastels. It doesn’t seem that pastels are “in” this spring season. What is in is black and white in geometrics, horizontal and vertical prints as well as polka dots. The best part is that black and white never goes out of style. This is an easy tend to replicate. Every woman has black pants or a black skirt in her wardrobe. It’s easy to pair a geometric shirt with either of these for an updated look. Again, this look works for work as well as for your casual wardrobe.

One way that I’ve saved a lot of money on fashions is buying end of season sales. Not only in my local stores, but from on line high end fashion sites too. Buying classic styles means that I can wear them from season to season, and year to year. Well chosen pieces that you take care of can last you for years. That means I have more money to buy a few trendy pieces to help me look updated.

Just the other day I was looking at another fashion magazine that had an article on how to save money on fashion. For some reason they still showed $1400 shoes, a $1500 dress and a $1995 hat. They obviously still haven’t gotten the message that most American women aren’t shopping like that anymore. We’re much smarter. We’re shopping smart for fashions and find out that we don’t have to have the latest designer fashions in order to look fashionable.

I believe that our current economy may work out in our favor. We’re going to see more and more affordable fashionable clothing choices as designers figure out that we’re unable to buy their exorbitantly priced clothing, and lesser priced design houses who are offering affordable fashionable clothing flourish.

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